Станок для производства боковых креплений ящика

Станок для производства боковых креплений ящика

Область применения:
Станок предназначен для производства металлических боковых креплений (профилей) для фанерных ящиков.
Описание работы:
- De-coiler (double decoiler as option) + straightener

- Nab size dia10mm – give ~5,3mm nab height

- Servo Driven Nab-punching unit (nabs in pairs - distance C/C between nab pairs can be software controlled (shorter distance/longer time can make a stronger band/box) Nab distance automatically adjusted that cut is never done over and through nab (set up nab distance automatically changed very little, but to closest fit to side band length)

- Cut Tool – dog bone cut

- Servo Feeding-unit into press 1 (Length of side band and position from plywood edge possible to control from Software 0-30mm)

- Possibility to use station only as standalone Side Band producing unit band will be dropped on floor/box from in feeding unit between station and press 1. This is also used for scrap parts